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Friday, 16 March 2012

Another Google Stuff-up

Location: Newcastle, NSW. Australia. Newcastle NSW, Australia

Renewing my Domain registration, today, I noticed the Google Apps confirmation, contained a stuff-up, of concern to me.

They have renewed my registration until April - LAST YEAR!

You'd think that Google could do a better job than this - especially when you can't reply to their emails!


Wednesday, 7 March 2012

Your Domain Registration Renewal

Location: Newcastle, NSW. Australia. Newcastle NSW, Australia

Many bloggers inquire about the Domain renewal of registration. Google Apps sends you a notification that they are about to debit your bank account, or credit card, generally about two weeks before time.

To get this notification, you have to select automatic registration renewal. If you do not want automatic renewal of your registration, there's instructions for cancelling that...

It's a very simple process. Follow these instructions :

Log in to your control panel at domain name.
Click Domain settings.
Click Domain names.
Check the box next to "Automatically renew my domain registration every year".
Click - Save changes.