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Monday, 4 March 2013

Annoying Pop-up

This very annoying pop-up from 'somewhere' is driving me nuts. see: image

Please, if anyone knows how to get rid of the Shift R pop-up, leave me a comment.
It's everywhere ! Every time I point my mouse at an image, of any kind, up comes the pop-up.

I did learn one thing through this, if I hold down the < SHIFT > and the < Ctrl > keys, simultaneously, then press 'R', I get the Quick Editing function, on that post, only, which was not displaying - anywhere. Maybe everyone knows about that - I've been away from blog-land for over 12 months.
However, after editing each post, when you click 'Update', instead of being transported back to that page of the Post List, it transports you to the latest post.

UPDATE: Mar. 23rd -: I got an answer from Microsoft ...

It apparently is caused by my ISP (Vodafone). I'll call them on Monday, for sure. Bastards.

Update on an update: Mar. 25th - - problem passed back - like a hot potato.

Update on an update: Mar. 26th - - problem solved.

After calling my ISP (Vodafone) yesterday, and them suggesting to me that the problem was, indeed, Browser-based, and I should contact Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox, respectively. I managed to find a 'Submit Feedback' option on Firefox, joined up, and put my question in the Forum.

Submitted ...

The Firefox TC answered within half-an-hour of my submission: "You will have to contact your ISP and ask them if you can opt-out of this feature to send images compressed in lower quality".

I did find a contact point for Google Chrome, on the 'About Google Chrome' screen :

I'm still waiting for an answer. NOT HAPPY, GOOGLE!

So, I contacted my ISP - again, and told them what had transpired with the Browser people. The Technician I got this time was a bit more 'lively', and immediately got remote access thru me, to my laptop, saw what the problem was, and fixed it. He had to rip me a new Profile for my access. Done. Why did I have to go thru all this pain?

... and, and ... my Quick Editing is restored - as it should be! I can see the little screwdriver and spanner icons ! Yay!


1 comment:

Hilary Melton-Butcher said...

Hi Bob .. I've no idea and had rather hoped someone might have answered your query.

Hope you can sort it out .. all the best - Hilary