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Friday, 29 March 2013

Anonymity - and Follower Feeds

Often bloggers are want to remain anonymous. Maybe it's because they are unsure of themselves, or maybe they think this person, or that person, wouldn't want to see them Following their blog, or for whatever reason, they want to remain private.

Anonymity has it's benefits, and it's down side. It's benefits include the ability to access a Public blog, and no-one knows, or you can Publish a public or a private blog anonymously. Is there a distinction between Anonymity and Privacy?

On the other side of the coin, one downside is with Feeds. I've seen questions in the Forum, like: "Why can't my Followers see my posts, when I can see theirs?"

Anonymous Blogs, or Private blogs, generate NO feeds !

If you 'Follow' a blog, you have two choices - follow Anonymously (Privately), or Publicly. It's the same with your Blogger Reading List. It's all classed as 'Following'. It all stems from your blog 'Feeds', and what you allow to be syndicated. If you want to follow, or get a feed from a blog, yet do it anonymously, you can, but one huge benefit, the reciprocal 'feed', doesn't work. Following is a two way street.

Most bloggers take, but don't give, which is their right, but it limits the promotion of their blog. There's an option on the Manage Blogs I'm Following screen which is often overlooked -

"Publish my activities to sites I've joined and connected networks"

You'll notice, in the image, that the option is dull and cannot be selected. That's because it isn't available, while I Follow 'anonymously'.

If I want to ensure that my activities are seen by the sites I've joined, and therefore, get full benefit from my association through Follower, the I make my Settings - 'Publicly', and tick the little box...

Ah, that's better.
I only have to worry about what Blogger means by - "Publish my activities".


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