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Monday, 18 March 2013

Google Feedback - a Furphy?

In Australia, we have a saying for something which seems not to be fair dinkum - a Furphy. It's a rumour, or something which is improbable. 'Fair dinkum' is another Aussie saying, which translates as true, or genuine. Today, I submitted a piece of Feedback to Google, on their special Feedback form, which you might find in a few places on some screens - not every screen, but a few screens - only! Fair dinkum, mate!

The readers of this blog, the Report, will be aware of a problem I recently started having with an annoying pop up. None of my techie friends could help me and I'm frustrated as hell, hence, the seeking of help from Google.

The Feedback option can be found at the bottom right of the Dashboard screen, or in the drop-down menu of the Blogger Options (gear wheel) button on the top right of the Dashboard screen. It can also, according to the 'Learn more' section, be found on the 'Report a bug' option - but I couldn't find the option I wanted, in the options available there.

The bottom of the Dashboard screen ...

The Top of the Dashboard screen ...

The actual Feedback form ... on the Dashboard screen

Now, this presented me with a problem. How do I get this Feedback form to show the actual problem I am experiencing? That of the annoying pop-up. There's NO Feedback form available on the Blogger screens!

Well, as they say, necessity is the mother of invention, or something akin to that. I started to experiment.

If I couldn't bring Google to the the mountain, I'd reverse course. I tried to think; "...which screen also has the Feedback option available?" It was then I realised that the 'Post Edit' screen shares the feature. However, after trying the 'html post editing' screen with no success, I tried the 'Compose Mode' screen. SUCCESS.

So, I started to make screen dump images of the whole process ...

'Step' 1 - Activate Google Feedback

'Step' 2 - Describe the issue

'Step' 3 - Highlight

'Step' 4 - Blackout

'Step' 5 - Preview

'Step' 6 - Submit

All looks good to here, doesn't it? Well it's a great idea which needs working on by some programmer who has his wits about him. It should be available on ALL screens !

Anyway, I loaded my post about the annoying pop-up into the Compose Mode Editor, and it looked like this ...

I highlighted the relevant part, wrote a short discourse on the 'issue', didn't have to Blackout anything personal, and pressed the button - 'Submit'.

I hung around on that screen for a few seconds, as they suggested, and got my notice of success feedback ...

Then the realisation hit me that it was all unreal ...

"We value every piece of feedback we receive. We cannot respond individually to every one, but we will use yor comments as strive to improve your Google experience."

What a crock ! I want FEEDBACK - just like you!
I don't even think I was supposed to report my problem there, in this manner. I think the feedback is for "I like what you..." or, "Google is terrific", or, "God bless you for all you're doing for us", etc.

A furphy, to be sure.


1 comment:

Hilary Melton-Butcher said...

Hi Roberto .. I'm sure you're right - I search elsewhere, as you know ..

But "Furphy" .. is a great word ..

Happy week - cheers Hilary