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Wednesday, 27 March 2013

Google Reader - Which Replacement will You Choose ?

Some time ago, in blogging terms - June, 2005, I was wondering what a Reader was. I thought it was a school book. My friend Chuck, of Nitecruzr dot net, set me straight - ' ... they're called Newsfeed Readers, and they are a web application, which aggregates syndicated web content, such as News Headlines, Blogs, Video Blogs (vlogs) into one location for easy viewing'. They are also called News Aggregators, Feed Aggregators, Feed Readers, News Readers, and RSS Readers (Really Simple Syndication) .

What are we going to use instead of Google Reader?

Google Reader is our well-known, user-friendly feed reader, which many of us have used for ages, or seems that way (it was actually only created, and launched by Google Engineer, Chris Wetherell, in 2005) - and we all thought it would be around forever. Google is pulling the plug for Google Reader, on July 1st, 2013.

So, what are we going to use instead?

It has been suggested that the Top Windows RSS Feed Readers and News Aggregators, available, are: Newzcrawler, Omea Reader, NewsGator On-Line Services, NewsGator Inbox for Outlook, Awasu Personal Edition and Blog Navigator.

Don't forget, Feed Readers are also suited to certain Browsers. For instance - Sage, with Firefox! A great combo.

My choice? I'll stick with my Blogger Reading List.


1 comment:

Jocelyn aka JoBear2 said...

Thanks Bob for the list of different options available - and for the comment you left on my blog re Digg. Lots to contemplate.

Jocelyn :-)