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Wednesday, 27 March 2013

Which Translator Would You Choose ?

When it comes to translating a foreign language blog, on the fly, which Translator would you choose?

Cumulus Blogs, developed by Chuck Croll (Nitecruzr) and me (Roberto), can be of benefit to the average blog owner, and has some features which the Google Translator lacks.

When displayed on your blog, as on the top of this blog, Cumulus Language Tool gives your readers the opportunity to click on their flag, and translate my whole blog - not just a page. It is also a conspicuous addition to your page, when displaying the flags. It's not a small gadget which could be easily overlooked. Cumulus Blogs can be used in 60 plus languages, at present.

We've even created about 12 demonstration blogs, in the following languages, to display the versatility of the Language Tool. At present, we have French, English, Japanese, Chinese (Traditional), Chinese (Simplified), Russian, Italian, Spanish, Arabic, Indonesian, Hindi, and Portuguese. If you have a foreign language blog, it may be in your favour to choose the Cumulus Language Tool.

In comparison, I went visiting tonight, and came across a French blog, which had Google's Translator available for me. This is what I got:

It didn't translate the first time, and only translated the 'front page' the second time. I had to click translate - again.

Roberto's Blogs have a Cumulus Translator Tool, which doesn't need refreshing, and translates the WHOLE blog - once - the first time!

If a visitor to my blog wants to translate it to Greek, he/she clicks on the Greek flag, and gets this result:

Or, he/she can add the Cumulus Translator Tool to an html/Javascript gadget on his/her own blog, for their readers. All that is required is to copy the latest code and paste it in a gadget. VoilĂ !


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