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Tuesday, 30 April 2013

File Formatting, and MS Picture Manager

Last month, I was uploading heaps of photos to the website, for my Family Tree, when I came across a problem. The photos were not appearing - in fact, they weren't even uploading! "Oh, sh*&/%$, what could be wrong?" After repeatedly cursing, gnashing teeth, and scratching my head, or all, at the same time, ('cos I'm male, and have proved I can do many things at once), the 'penny dropped'. File format! Check it, and at the same time, find out which file formats this damned site accepts (another multi-tasking experience).

Having sourced the photos from many places, including the web, and there are many different file formats... BMP, PNG, TIFF, JPEG, GIF, RAW, PPM etc, it was a good bet that some were maybe corrupted, or of the wrong format. Ironically, the photos I was having trouble uploading were PNG format. Apparently, the site I was adding them to, didn't accept that format! Bingo... but, what was I to do about it? - *&^%$ !

From experience, I remembered that MS Picture Manager has an Export feature for file format changes, and file replacement. This was a must, to solve my problem.

1. Open MS Picture Manager and upload the questionable image.
Click on File, then Export.

2. Check the image is all set for export

3. Select the File Format you require

4. Replace the File and Save

This could be the answer to some people's problems uploading images in Blogger, too, although Blogger allows several format types.


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