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Wednesday, 15 May 2013

Copy / Paste from Word - without Fear?

I have been astounded, several times in my life, mainly by the simplicity of things which I thought intricate and complex.

Today, David Kutcher, wrote:

"I've been using computers for forever. Control-C, Control-V. Copy/Paste.

But I never knew about Shift+CTRL+V until yesterday? Wow.

What's the difference you ask? Lets say you're making a blog post and you're copying content from a Word document to Blogger. If you copy/paste with Control-C and paste with Control-V, it'll bring over a ton of awfully formatted content and extra Microsoft tags, making your markup a disaster.

But, if you paste with Shift+CTRL+V, it'll paste without that extra junk markup.

Mind. Blown."

I think that's the greatest news (for some newbie bloggers), since sliced bread!

Thank you, David ! My mind's blown - too! But, how is this different to copying directly into the Compose Editor?


Tuesday, 14 May 2013

Information. Where Do You Get It?

Having been a Helper on the Blogger Help Forum, for a number of years, a TC if you want to call me that, I am constantly searching for reasons, as to WHY things go wrong, and where I can find out what's being done, so I can give the best advice.

I am constantly disappointed by Blogger and their lossy (if you're not happy, bad luck. We can afford to lose you) attitude. This company is so big, and spread so wide, that the individual blogger, with a problem, is of little or no concern. How do I know that? Just try finding out what's happening - currently.

The areas I investigate, and expect to be disappointed, are Known Issues, and Blogger Status. How else am I to find out if a problem has been reported, is being worked on, or even exists?

For example, a few bloggers have reported problems with YouTube. I looked in both the usual places ...

Sadly, these provided no help, or insight, at all. In fact, Known Issues hadn't been updated for nearly 3 YEARS!! Why do they even have it? Padding?

Get with it, Blogger!


Sunday, 12 May 2013

Blocking, or Stopping, a Google+ Follower

(See Updated post.)
Sometimes, someone likes your blog, and will Follow it from his/her Google+ Circles, or using his/her Google+ Profile. That's a compliment! However, some bloggers may not wish to have this 'strange' person Following their blog. To them, it is like having a stalker, I'd imagine. It's someone scary and not wanted - definitely to be rid of. Why? I don't know, but it happens.

So, how do you Block some un-wanted Follower? Simple. For this example, I've chosen (the dastardly) David.

Step 1 - Choose the un-wanted Follower from the gadget images ...

Step 2 - his/her Profile will be displayed. Click the little gear-wheel icon, and a drop-down menu appears. Click on Report/block (name)

Step 3 - Now, the tricky part. You get to choose what you want to do - crucify the person, just mutilate him/her, or beat him/her up a little. JUST JOKING, folks! Seriously, though, you can do some damage here to a Follower who may be innocent of all wrong intentions. Just Block him/her. Don't go Reporting his profile - unless he/she deserves it.

That's it!