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Wednesday, 15 May 2013

Copy / Paste from Word - without Fear?

I have been astounded, several times in my life, mainly by the simplicity of things which I thought intricate and complex.

Today, David Kutcher, wrote:

"I've been using computers for forever. Control-C, Control-V. Copy/Paste.

But I never knew about Shift+CTRL+V until yesterday? Wow.

What's the difference you ask? Lets say you're making a blog post and you're copying content from a Word document to Blogger. If you copy/paste with Control-C and paste with Control-V, it'll bring over a ton of awfully formatted content and extra Microsoft tags, making your markup a disaster.

But, if you paste with Shift+CTRL+V, it'll paste without that extra junk markup.

Mind. Blown."

I think that's the greatest news (for some newbie bloggers), since sliced bread!

Thank you, David ! My mind's blown - too! But, how is this different to copying directly into the Compose Editor?


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