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Tuesday, 14 May 2013

Information. Where Do You Get It?

Having been a Helper on the Blogger Help Forum, for a number of years, a TC if you want to call me that, I am constantly searching for reasons, as to WHY things go wrong, and where I can find out what's being done, so I can give the best advice.

I am constantly disappointed by Blogger and their lossy (if you're not happy, bad luck. We can afford to lose you) attitude. This company is so big, and spread so wide, that the individual blogger, with a problem, is of little or no concern. How do I know that? Just try finding out what's happening - currently.

The areas I investigate, and expect to be disappointed, are Known Issues, and Blogger Status. How else am I to find out if a problem has been reported, is being worked on, or even exists?

For example, a few bloggers have reported problems with YouTube. I looked in both the usual places ...

Sadly, these provided no help, or insight, at all. In fact, Known Issues hadn't been updated for nearly 3 YEARS!! Why do they even have it? Padding?

Get with it, Blogger!


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