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Monday, 1 July 2013

Co-Authors on a Blog - How to add them.

There is often a case for adding a Co-Author to a blog. Maybe it's someone who wishes to write about your theme, or that you wish to have contributions from. Whatever the reason, adding a Co-Author(s) to a blog is easy as sending an invitation by email.

The only person who can do this, however, is a blog Administrator. The owner/admin of the blog, goes to the Settings - Basic screen to access Permissions.
The owner/admin sends an Invitation by email to the prospective Co-Author, who needs to accept that invitation. Co-Authors are referred to as Team Members of a Team Blog.
They must have a Google account
, if they do not have one already. If not, they will be prompted to create one. Authors can only create and edit their own posts.

The Settings - Basic screen - Permissions ...

Add the name and email details - then send the invitation ...

Invitation sent ...

Your Co-Author receives an emailed Invitation ...

He/She accepts the invitation

He/She is now a Co-Author of the blog ...

Co-Authors can be promoted to the role of Administrator, at the click of a button.


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