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Monday, 8 July 2013

Private Blog Readers - Inviting, and Acceptance

The question is often asked; "How do I invite Readers to my Private blog?" The answer is very simple, but you have to follow the rules. One of the key words here, is 'Private'. Naturally, you wouldn't invite Readers to a Public blog.

The first thing you must do, is change the Settings on your blog to allow for inviting Readers. This would mean changing from 'Only blog authors', to 'Only these readers' ...

see Blogger Help ...
"Click the Add Readers link and then enter the email address of a person to whom you want to grant access to your blog. To add multiple people, separate their addresses with commas.

For each address entered, the Google Account associated with that address will be given access to view your blog. If an address is not associated with an account, that person will be sent an invitation email with a link allowing them do one of three things:

  • Sign in to an existing account
  • Create a new account
  • View your blog as a guest (no account required)

In the first two cases, the reader will be given permission to view your blog whenever they are signed in to their Google Account. As a guest, they'll be able to continue viewing your blog through the link in the invitation email, but this will expire after 30 days. After that, they'll need a new invitation."

The next step is for your Invitee to accept the invitation. As said above, if the invitee does not have a Google account, he/she must create one, or they are classed as a guest, and must be re-invited, every 30 days.

Acceptance, with an account, is easy ...

The invitees blog Dashboard Reading List will look like this, with the blog simply listed. In this case - Test First :

The next step is taken by the blog owner. Check that the correct person is the acceptor of the invitation !

Of course, Invited Readers can NOT change, or add, anything to your blog. Only authors, or administrators, can do that. Should you wish to stop a Reader's access to your blog, it is a simple thing to delete him/her.

Should the invitee take too long to accept the invitation, he/she will see this message, when they try to accept ...

... see Next Post: Using an intermediary between blog owner, and invitee, in order to personalise the invitation... which leads me to warn:



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