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Saturday, 27 July 2013

Your Domain - Automatic Renewal

The NEW Google Apps is here, and very different to the old screens, and finding things, as you once knew them, can take time. One of the good things about the new screens is that, once you check that everything is OK, you don't have to use them again, for a long while - or, is that a downside? I'm not sure.

I wanted to check that my Domain Registration details were correct, and that it was ticked for Automatic Renewal.

First job - log in:

I see a very different picture - The Admin Console:

I click on the icon that I want (Billing):

The next screen shows me the Domain Registration options:

Then, I can find out, or change, what I selected years ago - Automatic Renewal!

I can also check the details of my account, while I'm there, or even add the details of my NEW Credit Card - (next post)!

You can also arrange annual Automatic Renewal, when purchasing a Domain. There is also a check-box on the Advanced DNS Settings.


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