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Wednesday, 20 February 2013

HTTrack - New Version 3.46.1

This post is an update due to a new version of the HTTrack Website Copier 1 and 2, done previously.

The new version is 3.46.1, and is displayed here. There are a few changes form v.3.42, but they are mainly in the presentation of results. It's still FREE !

There are plenty of options, too ...

When you've downloaded it, and ready to get a copy of your website/blog, there are only a few things to organise, before you can do anything.

HTTrack needs to know where it will put the files...

You can see in the next image, that the download was saved to my "C" drive, in the folder called "My Web Sites"... I have also instructed HTTrack to call my project, "Robertosblogs - Mirror Copy", and to categorise it - "HTTrack - Robertosblogs".

I can also cancel the downloading, and take it up again when I'm ready. I can copy more than one blog at a time, too!

HTTrack is ready to copy. When I click 'finish', it commences.

Be aware, if you have a low download allotment from your ISP, downloading a copy of big files (blogs) can be a huge drain !

Once done, or half done as in my case, the finished files are stored in the folder, as requested.

One nice difference between this version and the older one, is that of presentation. In this next image you can see in the left column, a folder with a year date, 2011, and the copies of posts done that year, in the right side of the image.

I like HTTrack. You may find it useful, too.