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Saturday, 30 May 2015

Blogger Help Forum Helpers

The Helpers in the Blogger Help Forum are a varied lot of bloggers - just like you ! That's right ! Just like you.

I've written about the Help Forum before, and I'll write about it, again. I've tried to explain what the Helpers try to do, and, no doubt, will again. How do I know this? I used to Help on the Forum, as a Blog*Star/TC, and when my knowledge of blogging, and all it's issues, is refreshed, will again, I hope. It's also nice to know that Blogger hasn't completely forgotten my efforts ! Top Contributor Alumni ! I must have been voted in, secretly, as I wasn't blogging in 2014.

The term, Blog*Star, isn't used anymore, on Blogger, like it was some years ago, and is widely utilised in different areas on the 'net. Helpers who do a lot of work, are referred to as Top Contributors, or TCs. The best in my opinion, has always been the Nitecruzr - my old mate, Chuck, and he has many years of experience in blogging, and Blogger. It's his advice that I seek. I'm sure there may be other TCs with similar knowledge levels, but it's Chuck, all the way, for me.


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