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Friday, 22 May 2015

Returning to Blogger - and Blogging ?

Having written my last post in April, last year, I took an hour, or so, today, to look over my sadly neglected blogs, and it showed me what I was missing - AND - how much Blogger and Google have changed. My last post is, like me, now out-of-date ! The hundreds of links that don't go anywhere, the sites that have closed, and the new ways of doing things, represent a lot of upcoming candle-burning.

I used to love blogging, and I had a few friends, none left, however, and I was getting familiar with the ins and outs of the HTML language of writing blogs. I also visited some of my old posts 'Edit Posts' screens, only to be dismayed by the mass of technical lingo that greeted me. It'll take a few weeks of solid posting to start remembering some of it. Then, again, I wonder if it'll be worthwhile, or if I still have the standard of interest required.

I need to find subjects to write about, I thought, so I visited Blogger Help Forum. It's funny, but the questions from bloggers aren't that much different from 12 months ago, and having once been a Top Contributor on the Forum, I wonder how some of the present TC's have continued to offer their 'wise counsel'. Same problems being reported. Ugh !

The New Blogger Help Center appears to have most of the answers, but I'll have to look at it, in detail.

Stay tuned.


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