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Friday, 5 June 2015

Picasa Albums - Some May NOT be Albums.

I love Picasa - not ! Still using the modern vernacular, I love having problems - not ! Picasa supplies me with challenges, every time.

Today I opened Picasa for the first time in years, in relation to question about Picasa, from the Blogger Forum. I noticed there was, what I presumed to be an album, called 'Instant Upload', which I have never heard of. One of the troubles with Picasa, I believe, is the fact that they access your computer and copy all photos, of whatever nature, and put it in Albums. You have to be aware of this and make sure you check the Visibility ! Anyway, I tried to delete this orphan album. Couldn't. No way. This is what happened ...

The resultant Google - 500 Internal Server Error was a surprise, too. I wonder why I got that. Oh, well, sometimes we mere mortals are lucky there are people like Tim Fisher, and his 'About Tech' website. So, is it a fault with Google, or a Driver on my computer? Another problem caused by Picasa, Google or both. Or, was it the 'album'?

see also: Picasa Albums - Changing the Viewing/Sharing Options.


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