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Saturday, 7 November 2015

Manage Blogs I'm Following.

After a long break from Blogging, many things have changed, many GUIs have been updated, the way you do certain things has been altered, and there is a desperate need to check them, or possibly re-furbish posts, etc.

One in particular, is the way you manage Following, for your Reading List. Many months ago, I asked 'Why Do You Follow a Blog'? The reasons may not have changed, but the way in which you do, certainly has - for the better, I must admit. People stop blogging, or concentrate their efforts in other directions, such as another blog, or blogging platform (not everyone loves Blogger). So, your Reading List of blogs may need updating.

The new GUI for Adding a Blog to Follow, or changing the way you Follow - Publicly or Anonymously, or Stop Following a blog, makes it easier.

You can Add a Blog to Follow from the Reading List screen, or you can navigate to the Manage screen, by mouse-clicking the Gear Wheel.

From this screen, you can Delete a Blog (Stop Following), or Add a Blog, or change the way you're Following - Publicly or Anonymously, at the click of the mouse.

Thanks, Blogger !


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