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Sunday, 22 November 2015

Mode Syntax Checker Problem with HTML Editor

This problem was first reported by the Real Blogger Status blog, 'The HTML Mode Syntax Checker is out of Control'. It has now blossomed into a spasmodic problem. Last week, it was an annoyance. This week it's a complete pain in the html Post Editor.

The Checker doesn't give you time to complete your end syntax; eg: < span > and < /span >, or < div > < /div > before it farts, and splats your screen with the Pink Wall of Frustration ! Even if your html is correct, it seems to find an erroneous error when you Publish, and splat. The Pink Blob of Blogger appears. It locks up your screen, and short of tearing your remaining hair out, there's only a few ways to alleviate the problem:-

  • You can back out of the Post Editor, which loses all your work, after you last 'SAVE'. Pain.

  • You can, as Chuck says, zoom out until you can see all of the Editor, straining your eyes in the process, and fix the missing syntax, then WAIT. WAIT. WAIT.

Chuck also says that this problem is being looked at by the Blogger Engineers.

It's only happened three times to me, today !


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