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Saturday, 28 November 2015

The Blog Team Member Invitation Process

The Blog Invitation comes in two types:- 1) The Team Member Invitation - Author, or Administrator. 2) The Blog Reader - for Private Blogs.

The Process of Invitation is virtually the same for both, but the end result is vastly different for the Invitee. The Invitation Process starts on the bottom of the Settings-Basic - Permissions screen.

Click the option 'Add authors', and add the email address for the person you want to add to the blog, then click the orange 'Invite authors' button ...

Meanwhile, back at his place, 'Bob' receives an emailed Invitation from me, to join 'the Report' blog.

To accept the Invitation, Bob has to log into his Google Account, and then actually 'Accept Invitation'. You'll also notice that the Invitation has an 'Expiration Date', one month in the future. If Bob doesn't have a 'Google Account', he will be prompted to create one.

Then, when he accepts the Invitation, he progresses to his Blogger Dashboard, where the blog is then accessible. He can see ALL POSTS, but he can only CREATE posts and EDIT posts, written by himself. He has NO OTHER CAPABILITIES - unless he is made an 'Administrator' ('Admin').

This is when, and where, an existing 'Admin' (me), changes Bob's Author status to 'Admin'. In the following image, the numbers represent ... 1) I can see who is listed, 2) I can see their membership status, 3) Drop-down menu to change Status, 4) Delete Team Member, and 5) The Blog Status.

Changing Bob's status from 'Author' to 'Admin'. ( Possible-worst-case-scenario? Bob is now Power-Hungry, and sets about ditching you, me, and Chuck, from our blog! Should have foreseen that possibility, but I thought he was a friend. How can I get my blog back? I'll go to Blogger Help Forum ). Phew! Thank goodness that was a dream, but it could have happened!

REMEMBER: You wouldn't take yourself off the Admin control panel of a blog, unless there was a good reason, but another Admin could. Be careful who you invite, and make 'Admin' !

Making a blog 'Private', is just a mouse click, or two, away. The process of Invitations is, basically, the same.

Changing the Blog's Status from Public to Private, and sending Invitations to Readers. The Readers have to sign-in each time they view the blog. They must also Create a Google Account.

The Invitation can only be used ONCE, for whatever the use.


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