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Sunday, 13 December 2015

Premature Emendation ?

We all know of the problems with the HTML Editor, of late, but premature publishing? I was only typing the Post Title!

It happens, every now and then, and is easily 'dismissed'.


Saturday, 12 December 2015

Google - Blogger Help Links, aren't Helpful

It's amazing to find Google Help and Blogger Help with Links which go nowhere. I thought it was just all the links to THEM which I made on MY blogs. After a while away from blogging, I noticed the amount of links to Blogger and Google which don't work, and it's astounding. I'll give them some leeway because they've upgraded a lot of stuff in the last three years, and mistakes happen, but links on a HELP site, for millions of users? Gimme a break!

From the My Account section on Language Input - Problems with Changing Language ...

Takes the User here ...

From Blooger Help ...

Finally, I had to search for the site I wanted, on the 'net ...

The Accounts 'experts', and Authors, who ask you is a site has been helpful, shouldn't be paid this week !


Thursday, 10 December 2015

Signing-in to a Google Account - with another Email Account.

Sounds weird, I know, but many people, like me, have a Google Account(s) for, say, Gmail, or Blogger, and use, through preference, an Email account which isn't a Google one, say, a Yahoo, or Hotmail account. Google recognise that users have non-Google emails, and have made allowance for it. Google now offers the ability to have the non-Google email address, as a log-in address, by making it an 'Alternative Address' on your Google Account.

What I can't figure out, for example, is how a hotmail email will log-on to a Gmail Email Account? Even if I start with, say, 'BobsBlogs @', and if I link it to 'BobsBlogs @', as an Alternative Address, how am I going to log-on to the latter, using the former? Even weirder. Am I missing something? Is there a 'button' somewhere? A special screen?

Well, the 'secret' is that I can't have my Gmail account pre-set on the Google Home-Page, and as long as the Email Account I want to use, is NOT associated (linked), in any way, with a Google Account, then it'll be OK, so they say. In other words, I have to be logged-out of Google...completely.

Here's what I mean ...

This is incorrect -

This is Correct -

I can now log-on with my 'Alternative Address'.

Here's how I set it up ...

  • To set it up, I need to open the 'My Account' option, on my Google Account, using my Google Account email.
  • In the "Personal info & privacy" section, select my personal info.
  • Choose Email
  • Next to "Other emails," select Edit.
  • In the "Add a new alternate address" field, enter an email address I own, and then...
  • Save.

I can always disguard the added Email Address, should I change my mind.

Always expand ('click on') these fine-print notices ...


Managing an Inactive Account

Way back in 2010, I was prompted to link to my mate's blog, when the question of death and the blog, arose. Determining what happens to your Account, in the event of inactivity, is very important. Inactivity could result from many, many situations, up to, and including, the demise of the Account holder. It could be boredom, loss of interest, inability to use the account due to sickness.

What happens to all your Personal Account Details, all your Hard Work, Photos, Mail and contacts, your Blog, etc? Will anyone gain access, or see your Private/Personal details?

Google's Inactive Account Manager, in 'My Account', is a MUST chore. They provide you with alternatives, ideas, alerts, ways to control who get's hands on your inactive account. Here is my effort to provide a view of a 'not-so-often-thought-of' area of Account Management. They'll even email you, or your designated contact to advise of the pending inactivity threshold.

The good thing about this is peace of mind. This is not an 'end-of-the-road' option - it's a 'just-in-case' option.

Section 1 - Alert me.

Section 2 - Timeout Period.

Section 3 - Notify Contacts / Share Data.

Section 4 - Optional Deletion of the Account, by Google.

Learn more - Google Account Help Center.


Wednesday, 9 December 2015

Deleting a Google Account - Final

Deleting any account is fraught with danger, or at least, 2nd, or 3rd thoughts of disaster. I think it's the stigma of finality surrounding the act. Deleting a Google Account is no different, and the thoughts I had today, were more along the lines of 'will this mess up my remaining accounts', rather than the danger in deleting the one account I created for an exercise in futility. Sometimes it pays to flirt with danger. It keeps you on your toes.

I created a Google Account with a Non-Google email, to test a theory I had. I didn't need it anymore, so I decided to delete it, because I have several others. The process is simple, and pain-free, but it is FINAL - to a degree.

Google give you a limited time to reconsider with an email. This email tells you about the Account Recovery Page and also of the Limited Time Period.

I didn't have a blog attached to this account, which kept my blood pressure relatively level, but if I had, there's a way to delete it without causing too much trouble - and that's with Proper Prior Planning.

Think before you act.


Sunday, 6 December 2015

Blocking a Follower's Profile on the 'NEW' Google+

I'd imagine that most people are like me - you wonder why some people Follow you on Google+, or YOU don't want a certain person Following you.

I know that some people just hope to get as many Followers as possible, don't care who they are, what they represent, or for whatever reason - just as long as they get Followers. Likewise, some people just Follow in a 'Willy-Nilly', 'Scattergun' style - anybody, anywhere - and couldn't possibly read all the posts that are published.

It doesn't really matter. I don't particularly care about what other people do with their Google+ , as long as it doesn't affect me. If it does, I know how to combat it. I BLOCK their Profile.

Now, it appears to me, that the way to Block someone's Profile stays much the same, but the method of doing it, changes every time Google change the GUI in some way. The 'NEW' Google+ is no different.

To 'Block a Follower's Profile', first you have to click on 'PEOPLE', on the left-side menu, then you have to 'SEARCH' for the Follower's name, in order to access the 'Block Profile', 'Mute Profile' and 'Report Abuse' options.

Then, make your selection from the pull-down menu (the three vertical dots) next to the - Blocking is the first option.

WARNING ! Blocking is INSTANTANEOUS - there's no '2nd thought' screen, after you click Block Profile !

But, never fear. You can 'Un-block' a Follower's Profile just as easily, if you want to. The Follower will have to start Following you, again, though.

See: - Un-Blocking a Follower Profile in the 'NEW' Google+.


Un-Blocking a Follower Profile in the 'NEW' Google+

If you accidentally, or intentionally, ' Block a Follower's Profile, on Google+ ', don't worry, because you can 'Un-Block' it, just as easily.

The same process is used, as for Blocking a Follower's Profile. You click on 'PEOPLE' from the left-side menu, then 'SEARCH' for the Follower's name. When his/her Profile (and picture) is displayed, it will show as 'BLOCKED', in the lower right-hand corner. Click on the 3 vertical dots option, and the menu displaying 'Unblock Profile' will appear. Click it.

NOTE: The particular Follower will have to start Following you again, at least at present.


Saturday, 5 December 2015

Opting IN - Joining - Google +

I have a Blogger Profile on one of my Gmail accounts, and want to make it a Google + Profile. How do I do it?

It's really very easy to join up to Google + and create a Google + Profile. All you have to do is find the 'G+' logo on your Browser Desktop. I'm logged in with my Gmail account, so the Google Apps options are obvious, at the top right hand side of my screen.

When you click on (Select) that option, you're taken to the Google + screen, where the option to Join up to Google + is offered.

Then, it's just a matter of completing the options, as they are offered.

That's it. That's all I had to do, to Join (re-join) Google + - even though I Opted Out an hour ago ! I now have a new Google + Profile, too.


Opting OUT - of Google + Profile

Say, for instance, I want to stay with the Blogger Profile. I feel comfortable with it, know all it's quirks and hidden intricacies, and feel that Google + doesn't 'DO' it, for me.

Can I opt out of the Google + Profile, without losing my Google Account? Will I lose my Gmail account? How will it affect Picasa files?

There are a lot of questions which need answering before I would dare delete my Google + Profile, and I damn-well better make sure I need to do it. If I am unhappy with Google +, is there anything I can change on it? Will editing my details suit me better?

Google provides an extensive information service to answer questions like these, and gives advice as to alternatives available, in some cases. So, do I pull the plug, or what? Can I change things on my Profile? Better look first.

Check out what you've displayed Publicly ...

If you're still not happy with Google + and definitely feel the need to delete it, then select 'Settings' on the left-side menu, and scroll right to the bottom, where you'll find the option to delete.

It's still not too late. Read some more of Google's information ...

The second last step is acknowledgement of what deleting Google + means. You must click the squares at the bottom, before the delete button is functional.

You are also required to give them a reason for your action. This can be as little as ticking one of the suggested options, or there's a pop-up if you select 'Other' reason, where you can detail your information.

Oh, by the way, you can just as easily OPT IN again, but without the information which get's deleted.