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Sunday, 6 December 2015

Blocking a Follower's Profile on the 'NEW' Google+

I'd imagine that most people are like me - you wonder why some people Follow you on Google+, or YOU don't want a certain person Following you.

I know that some people just hope to get as many Followers as possible, don't care who they are, what they represent, or for whatever reason - just as long as they get Followers. Likewise, some people just Follow in a 'Willy-Nilly', 'Scattergun' style - anybody, anywhere - and couldn't possibly read all the posts that are published.

It doesn't really matter. I don't particularly care about what other people do with their Google+ , as long as it doesn't affect me. If it does, I know how to combat it. I BLOCK their Profile.

Now, it appears to me, that the way to Block someone's Profile stays much the same, but the method of doing it, changes every time Google change the GUI in some way. The 'NEW' Google+ is no different.

To 'Block a Follower's Profile', first you have to click on 'PEOPLE', on the left-side menu, then you have to 'SEARCH' for the Follower's name, in order to access the 'Block Profile', 'Mute Profile' and 'Report Abuse' options.

Then, make your selection from the pull-down menu (the three vertical dots) next to the - Blocking is the first option.

WARNING ! Blocking is INSTANTANEOUS - there's no '2nd thought' screen, after you click Block Profile !

But, never fear. You can 'Un-block' a Follower's Profile just as easily, if you want to. The Follower will have to start Following you, again, though.

See: - Un-Blocking a Follower Profile in the 'NEW' Google+.


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