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Saturday, 12 December 2015

Google - Blogger Help Links, aren't Helpful

It's amazing to find Google Help and Blogger Help with Links which go nowhere. I thought it was just all the links to THEM which I made on MY blogs. After a while away from blogging, I noticed the amount of links to Blogger and Google which don't work, and it's astounding. I'll give them some leeway because they've upgraded a lot of stuff in the last three years, and mistakes happen, but links on a HELP site, for millions of users? Gimme a break!

From the My Account section on Language Input - Problems with Changing Language ...

Takes the User here ...

From Blooger Help ...

Finally, I had to search for the site I wanted, on the 'net ...

The Accounts 'experts', and Authors, who ask you is a site has been helpful, shouldn't be paid this week !


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