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Thursday, 10 December 2015

Managing an Inactive Account

Way back in 2010, I was prompted to link to my mate's blog, when the question of death and the blog, arose. Determining what happens to your Account, in the event of inactivity, is very important. Inactivity could result from many, many situations, up to, and including, the demise of the Account holder. It could be boredom, loss of interest, inability to use the account due to sickness.

What happens to all your Personal Account Details, all your Hard Work, Photos, Mail and contacts, your Blog, etc? Will anyone gain access, or see your Private/Personal details?

Google's Inactive Account Manager, in 'My Account', is a MUST chore. They provide you with alternatives, ideas, alerts, ways to control who get's hands on your inactive account. Here is my effort to provide a view of a 'not-so-often-thought-of' area of Account Management. They'll even email you, or your designated contact to advise of the pending inactivity threshold.

The good thing about this is peace of mind. This is not an 'end-of-the-road' option - it's a 'just-in-case' option.

Section 1 - Alert me.

Section 2 - Timeout Period.

Section 3 - Notify Contacts / Share Data.

Section 4 - Optional Deletion of the Account, by Google.

Learn more - Google Account Help Center.


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