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Saturday, 5 December 2015

Opting OUT - of Google + Profile

Say, for instance, I want to stay with the Blogger Profile. I feel comfortable with it, know all it's quirks and hidden intricacies, and feel that Google + doesn't 'DO' it, for me.

Can I opt out of the Google + Profile, without losing my Google Account? Will I lose my Gmail account? How will it affect Picasa files?

There are a lot of questions which need answering before I would dare delete my Google + Profile, and I damn-well better make sure I need to do it. If I am unhappy with Google +, is there anything I can change on it? Will editing my details suit me better?

Google provides an extensive information service to answer questions like these, and gives advice as to alternatives available, in some cases. So, do I pull the plug, or what? Can I change things on my Profile? Better look first.

Check out what you've displayed Publicly ...

If you're still not happy with Google + and definitely feel the need to delete it, then select 'Settings' on the left-side menu, and scroll right to the bottom, where you'll find the option to delete.

It's still not too late. Read some more of Google's information ...

The second last step is acknowledgement of what deleting Google + means. You must click the squares at the bottom, before the delete button is functional.

You are also required to give them a reason for your action. This can be as little as ticking one of the suggested options, or there's a pop-up if you select 'Other' reason, where you can detail your information.

Oh, by the way, you can just as easily OPT IN again, but without the information which get's deleted.


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