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Wednesday, 29 March 2017

Adding an Image as a Header, on your Blog

The first thing you should do, when adding a header image, is find out how big it needs to be, by knowing how wide your blog is! The second thing is to remember that a huge image will slow down the loading of your blog, which is annoying, to some readers. So keep it reasonably sized.

Finding out the width of your blog is easy. Just navigate to the 'Theme' screen, and click on 'Customise'. Then, click on 'Adjust Widths'.

Now you know the width, Personally, I try it all out on my Testing Blog, before adding it to my Main Blog. That's just me being over-cautious. My Testing blog happens to be the same width as the Blog to which I want to add the image.

Then, I choose an image. It is important to allow for 'Padding' when adding an image, but it is not mandatory, because your image is exactly correct, but still, padding accounts for about 10 px per border of an image, so hence I made my image 1060px wide - the blog is 1080px,

When your image is ready, you navigate to the 'Layout' screen, where you click on the Edit gadget option ...

This brings you to the 'Configure Header' option, where you upload your image ...

Then, 'Save' and your done...

Is it too big, or too small? I didn't have to use 'Shrink to fit' because my image was the correct size, however, REMEMBER, the image will be reduced in size by the 'wizard' if you select the 'Shrink to fit' option, on the 'Header Edit Gadget'. If the image is too big, and you haven't selected to 'Shrink to fit', the image will 'over-run' your blog, and will look like this:-

If you edit it and it turns out too small...



Hilary Melton-Butcher said...

Hi Roberto - I'll have to look at this after the A-Z through April .. thanks for setting it out - cheers Hilary

Bob said...

G'day H - yes, it's as easy as pie. Image Headers can look great on your blog, as long as you keep them within guidelines of depth, and width.