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Thursday, 9 March 2017

Changing the Font, and Pitch, on your Blog.

Changing the print Font, Pitch, and Appearance on your blog could not be easier. All it takes is 1 minute, or less. Blogger Help will assist you, too.

It's not much different to when I first wrote about it. Just some name changes.

Firstly, you navigate to the 'Theme' screen, from your 'Dashboard'. Click on the option button which says 'Customise', and you are then taken to the 'Blogger Theme Designer'. Click on 'Advanced'. Here, you can change the Font for the whole blog, or just a part of it. You can change to Print/Font Colours. You can also embolden the font, or italicise it. You can even change the Pitch size.

You can even see what it looks like on the bottom of the screen, before you decide!

Then, don't forget to click on the orange button - 'APPLY TO BLOG', in the top right-hand corner.

Easy as.


1 comment:

Hilary Melton-Butcher said...

Hi Robert - I'm sure I'm going to need these postings .. and will be back anon - cheers Hilary