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Tuesday, March 7, 2017

Navigating through the Google Admin Console

One of the things that really bugs me is that when you don't blog for quite a while (12 mths+), then return to it, things have changed, eg: Blogger itself, Blogger Help was changed a few years ago. There's no such thing as Google Apps now, I believe. It's confusing and annoying for an oldie, like me. I just wanted to redirect a Blogger blog, to my custom Domain. To do that, I had to add two sub-domain aliases (eg: testing, and the www. prefix) to the records of my Domain.

Mostly, everything is still there, but it looks different, and some titles appear to be different, too. I achieved what I wanted to do, but I was worried for a while. Here's what it looks like now, compared to when I wrote about it before.

Step 1 -

Step 2 -

Step 3 -

Step 4 -

Step 5 -

Step 6 -

Step 7 -

Step 8 -

I don't suppose it takes much longer, but why fix it if it ain't broken?


1 comment:

Hilary Melton-Butcher said...

Hi Bob - I'll need to check this out too ... you'll hear from me sometime ... cheers Hilary