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Wednesday, 8 March 2017

Reading List - How easy is it now ?

How easy is the management of the Blogs, on your Reading List, now? Wow! Blogger Help is now as streamlined as you'd want, and it looks like some ways to do things, have been streamlined, too. I like it.

I wrote about the 'older' way, in 'Manage Blogs I'm Following', back in 2015, and because of the many changes, and revamps to Blogger, I thought, as there are many bloggers who don't know about Blogger Help, or how to use it, and might see this blog.

Found at the bottom left side of your Dashboard, under 'Settings', is your 'Reading List' of blogs you Follow. Click it. You are then transported to this following screen, where you see the 'Edit' pen. Click it.

The next image is the Management screen. There are many options for you here. You can check the blogs you are Following, you can choose/change your Following exposure (Public/Anonymous), you can 'Add' another blog, or you can 'Delete' a blog.

I have chosen, for the sake of this post, to delete one of the blogs I am Following. I just clicked on the Garbage (Trash) Bin on the right, and - blog-gone. I don't particularly like this feature not having an 'Are you sure you want to do this?' feature.

However, as Hilary's blog is such a relief to read, I chose to Follow it, again. Easy as. Just click the 'Add' option, input the URL, then click 'Next'...

When the choice is made, click 'Follow' and your task is complete.


1 comment:

Hilary Melton-Butcher said...

Hi Bob - thanks for including my blog as an example ... I must read this properly in the next few days. I don't use Blogger Reading List -never known how to use it, probably never tried either ... I use the Feedly link, that took over (for me) from Google's Reader ...

But I'll be back as your instructions look to be very clear ... and we need these to help us -the non-techie ones of us ...

Cheers to you - Hilary