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Thursday, 30 March 2017

Removing Yourself, as Administrator, or Being Removed, from a blog.

I saw a question on the Blogger Help Forum, this evening, from a blogger who has lost Administration control of his blog. Naturally, he was upset and wondering what to do.

In a situation like that, Helpers have, basically, only one question, and that is: "Do you know anyone else who is an Admin on the blog, who could re-instate you?" The answer is normally "Yes" - but, will that person?

Therein lies a situation - Only have co-Admins on a blog whom you TRUST!

Therein lies another question. "If you have more than one Admin, how did you get removed from the blog?" Answer - either you removed yourself, or the other Admin removed you!

Now, to remove yourself is easy. Go to the Settings - Basic screen, to the 'Permissions' section, and either change your Status, the remove yourself, or delete your name.

The Slow Way - gradual death by in-descision - will I, or won't I? Changing your Status from Admin to Author, is slow and tension filled. You get there in the end, but why?

Ta dah! Your gone.

The Easy Way - "a sharp knife cuts cleanest" - Simply click on the small 'X' next to where it says 'Admin' and ZONK - you're gone. Now that would be a lot easier for you - AND - a lot easier for some other Admin to take over your blog! Think about it.

REMEMBER: If you want to get out of a blog, do it, and do it PERMANENTLY.



Hilary Melton-Butcher said...

Hi Bob - definitely worth protecting oneself and not trusting others too much, or just not taking on the role of blogging administrator for others ... cheers Hilary

Bob said...

That's it, Hilary. Why put all your hard work at risk?