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Thursday, 9 March 2017

Why do I still Blog? Is it worth it?

Does Blogging take up most of my spare time? Not anymore.

Does Blogging still make my skin tingle? Not anymore.

Do I still have the blogging friends, now, that I had 2 years ago? No, for one reason, or another. I stopped for over a year, so people stopped Following my blogs, I suppose.

Why do I bother blogging when many people just use Facebook? I don't use Facebook - EVER !

Is Blogging still worth the effort? Click here to see what Antonio Cangiano, the Software Developer, and Blogger, says. Is he correct?

You can ask a hundred questions related to this topic and get a hundred, or more, different, subjective, objective, emotional answers. You have to remember WHY you started blogging in the first place. I started blogging to save some recipes, that I'd collected - on scraps of paper, not for anything else. I believe that only a few ever make the big $$$ from blogging. I know a few people with blogs worth many thousands of $$$, because they put their souls into it and have worked hard at it for a long time. Good on 'em.

I started blogging, a dozen years ago, in 2005. Things were very different then, compared to the streamlined product GUI that we enjoy today. I was lucky to make contact with a bald-headed bloke in America, who sort of guided me through the rough, uncharted waters, of my blogging apprenticeship. To him, I will always be grateful. You know, it's funny, bewildering, staggeringly frustrating, and amazing, to see the same questions in Blogger Help Forum, as have been asked for 12 years, or more. I was a Helper/Top Contributor in the Help forum, and I always wondered why. How could other TCs stand the nonsense some bloggers write in about? I threatened to give it up at least a dozen times - per month! I wonder if the average Joe Blogger even has a working knowledge of Blogger Help, or where to find it?

The answer, as far as I am concerned, comes after a year's rest and recuperation - having not even opened a blog, nor for that matter, a Reading List of blogs, and that answer is a resounding YES. While I agree, in part, with Mr. Cangiano, when he states: -
"Blogging remains a valuable and viable approach to making extra income online or advancing your career, projects, ideas, goals, dreams. It’s still one of the most accessible ways to continually publish new content online at little to no (financial) cost to yourself",
I don't do it for the money, honey. Never have. I do it for the sheer pleasure, and interest, I get from it, and I may be reading the stats incorrectly, after so long away, but I've still got over 2000 people accessing this blog, per month. So there are still people out the who like the stuff I write about.

Long live Blogger, and the blogger.


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