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Sunday, 30 April 2017

Don't muck around with Google Archives !

Alright, alright, alright. I stuffed up. I deleted the Photos on Google Photos, without any problems, but got caught with Google Archives - why? The reason is simple, like me. I hate someone else having any control of, access to, or SHARING capabilities with, any of my personal photos - in any way, shape or form - or any fancy name, like SHARING. Nearly ALL the personal Family photos from my computer's FILE MANAGER - Pictures folders, as well as others, were displayed in Google Photos and, therefore, Google Archives, with the SHARING stipulation that ONLY YOU, can see them. Well I don't swallow that - even with a beer, because, as far as I knew, NO-ONE else was getting a share!.

Who, or what gives Google the right to collect, and archive my photos? Probably me, I suppose. You see, I am a Blogger - and publish photos on BLOGGER ! That's where they get you - and you can't delete a photo from Google Archives, without it leaving the infamous, and downright ugly, white circle of death, on a black background. Something you NEVER want to see, after all your hard work.

They told me in Google, that if I delete a photo, it may not necessarily be removed from Blogger ...

Remember Picasa ? Well, Google Archives and Google Photos are, to my way of thinking, replacing it - and with similar pain-causing finality, if you, like me, slip up. I was thinking of SHARING as being a thing people did on Facebook, or Instagram. Little did I think that it applied to photos uploaded to Blogger, too... and to PRIVATE blogs, as well ! Sharing with nobody else! There you go - learning something new every day.

Thinking, in fact, that I wasn't sharing any photos, and that Google Photos could go to hell, or wherever, I downloaded a copy of ALL photos in Albums and those that weren't - then PULLED THE TRIGGER .

If I wanted to restore the photos, then there's a chance within 60 days, unless you Trash the Trash.

I didn't lose any photos, but I have enough work to do on my blogs, to last me until I see my 70th birthday - in 4 years! Just joking, but I could have done without it. Still, on the bright side, it gives me a chance to do some 'Spring Cleaning' - in Autumn !
Lesson learned - don't muck around with Google Archives!


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