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Monday, 15 May 2017

An assortment of HTML commands using the Ampersand

Writing my blog posts in the HTML Editor often requires a little, of what I call, code. It's not the secretive kind of code, because it's readily available to all bloggers, at any time, through the HTML Goodies website. They're called HTML commands. Here are some examples, and what they can do for your post page, using the Ampersand - '&' symbol...

Say, for instance, I want to make a 'Copyright' symbol, but there isn't one on the keyboard ... I would need to issue this command to the HTML Editor:

Ampersand (&), type the word 'copy', then a semi-colon; (©) - which gives the desired ... ©

The Yen symbol, would be: ¥ ... ¥ - and another, the British Pound symbol is £ ... £

There are as many commands using the 'Ampersand', as you could want. All you have to do is apply the code.

Here are some more:

Fractions are a pest, but with the right command - ½ you get ½ ... ¼ ...¼ ... ¾ ...¾ and so on.

If I wanted to make some brackets < and > , it's just as easy. I would use &lt; and &gt; which was &lt; for left and &gt; for right...< and >.

It's fun. Try it.


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