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Thursday, 18 May 2017

'Manage the tracking of your own pageviews', for a Custom Domain

Having returned to blogging recently, there was a lot to try and catch-up on. Several Blogger changes came to light, too. One, in particular, was the change to HTTPS, which is basically a secure communication Protocol, for blogs. Custom domain published blogs do not support HTTPS access - even from the Blogger dashboard. 1

So, I went looking for an answer. The first place I always check, is Chuck's place - The Real Blogger Status blog, to generally find my answer. Sure enough, he'd covered this very subject, and more, about 15 months ago, in a post called "Stats And "Don't track", And Custom Domains".

Here it is in picture form...

I selected 'Manage the tracking of your own pageviews', and got a surprise - "This site can't be reached".

So, as directed by Chuck, I had to change the HTTPS, to HTTP, in the URL, so I could get the "Would you like to have your pageviews counted when you visit this blog?" wizard.

Then I only had to select "Don't Track My Views For This Blog", with a tick, and I was set.

Note: If you are using two, or more Browsers, you'll have to do all this for each one.

Reference: The Real Blogger Status blog 1


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