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Thursday, 30 March 2017

Removing Yourself, as Administrator, or Being Removed, from a blog.

I saw a question on the Blogger Help Forum, this evening, from a blogger who has lost Administration control of his blog. Naturally, he was upset and wondering what to do.

In a situation like that, Helpers have, basically, only one question, and that is: "Do you know anyone else who is an Admin on the blog, who could re-instate you?" The answer is normally "Yes" - but, will that person?

Therein lies a situation - Only have co-Admins on a blog whom you TRUST!

Therein lies another question. "If you have more than one Admin, how did you get removed from the blog?" Answer - either you removed yourself, or the other Admin removed you!

Now, to remove yourself from the Admin role, is easy. If you are an Admin, navigate to the Settings - Basic screen, then to the 'Permissions' section at the bottom. Either change your Status, or remove yourself. Simple.

The Slow Way - gradual death by in-descision - will I, or won't I? Changing your Status from Admin to Author, is slow and tension filled. You get there in the end, but why? Just do it! I would NOT be an Author on a blog that I created, letting others make all the decisions.

Ta dah! Your gone.

The Easy Way - "a sharp knife cuts cleanest" - Simply click on the small 'X' next to where it says 'Admin' and ZONK - you're gone. Now that would be a lot easier for you - AND - a lot easier for some other Admin to take over your blog! Think about it.

REMEMBER: If you want to get out of a blog, do it, and do it PERMANENTLY.


Wednesday, 29 March 2017

Adding an Image as a Header, on your Blog

The first thing you should do, when adding a header image, is find out how big it needs to be, by knowing how wide your blog is! The second thing is to remember that a huge image will slow down the loading of your blog, which is annoying, to some readers. So keep it reasonably sized.

Finding out the width of your blog is easy. Just navigate to the 'Theme' screen, and click on 'Customise'. Then, click on 'Adjust Widths'.

Now you know the width, Personally, I try it all out on my Testing Blog, before adding it to my Main Blog. That's just me being over-cautious. My Testing blog happens to be the same width as the Blog to which I want to add the image.

Then, I choose an image. It is important to allow for 'Padding' when adding an image, but it is not mandatory, because your image is exactly correct, but still, padding accounts for about 10 px per border of an image, so hence I made my image 1060px wide - the blog is 1080px,

When your image is ready, you navigate to the 'Layout' screen, where you click on the Edit gadget option ...

This brings you to the 'Configure Header' option, where you upload your image ...

Then, 'Save' and your done...

Is it too big, or too small? I didn't have to use 'Shrink to fit' because my image was the correct size, however, REMEMBER, the image will be reduced in size by the 'wizard' if you select the 'Shrink to fit' option, on the 'Header Edit Gadget'. If the image is too big, and you haven't selected to 'Shrink to fit', the image will 'over-run' your blog, and will look like this:-

If you edit it and it turns out too small...


Friday, 24 March 2017

The Demise of the Language Bar

Well, I suppose everything has its day. The Language translator gadget, developed by myself, Roberto, and Nitecruzr, has, for all intents and purposes, been superceded by a newer gadget - a fancy small blog intrusion, which now sits, unobtrusively, atop my Sidebar. The Translator gadget from Google.

That's the way it goes, I s'pose. I did, however, enjoy greatly, the challenge of creating the collection of Flag icons, and tweaking Nitecruzr's script, for the Translations. We had big ideas what might happen with it, and created CUMULUS blogs, to support the 'Language Bar', as we initially called it.

This is what it (my blog) looked like, and functioned properly, last week ...

This is what it (my blog) looks like, today ...

Naturally, I have to remove the gadget with all the flags. I get 404 - not founds, everytime I click a flag ...

We had a good run with it, however.


Thursday, 23 March 2017

I Like the New Themes, except for...

I have seen NOTHING, apart from a nice looking theme design, (Contempo), for my blog, which would get me to change to one of the NEW Themes. To be fair, their design is a world apart from the Simple template that I have at the moment. I don't even know if I am to refer to the 'New Themes', as templates, but Simple suits me. Don't say it!

I tried the New Themes on my Testing blog, and -
  • There's no Navbar. Not even a Gadget to get one, unless I'm looking in the wrong spot!
  • I couldn't Adjust widths manually. Are the Themes probably designed that way - for maximum screen size?
  • Blogger Help is NO help!

My Old blog template, on the 'Theme Setting' screen. I selected a NEW Theme called CONTEMPO, and ...

I looked at the new theme, and it seemed nice, so I applied it to the blog.

I then went on to 'Customise' the template ...

After tweaking a few options, I thought about the blog width, which normally is listed on the left. Nope. Checked. Not there, although I thought I saw a screen flash of what I wanted, but it didn't load. Mmmm.

Always a 'taste it and see' sort of guy, I checked it out on Blogger, and it did look good. I went searching on the 'Layout' screen, to see if the missing options might be there. Nah, bad luck, Louie. Not even a Navbar to get back to the Dashboard!

Ditched it, and went back to my 'Simple' way. Was I/Am I wr, wr, wr/incorrect? Should I be looking somewhere else ?


Sunday, 19 March 2017

Uploading an Image

I was looking at the Blogger Help Forum the other day, and saw a question from a blogger about Images not being posted to his blog. He said that they never seem to get past the wizard. Well, that could be a result number of things (reasons), but most probably how he is using the wizard. It really is simple - if you follow the steps.

Step 1. Click on the image icon on the Post Editor, where you write your blog posts ...

Step 2. Select where the image is that you wish to upload, and click on 'Choose Files'. see image

Step 3. After selecting your image, the wizard will display it. If you are happy, you have to 'select' the image by 'clicking' on it, to get a Blue Box, around it. see the next two images

and ...

Step 4. Once you complete these steps, you'll be required to indicate to the wizard WHERE it is to locate the image(s) on your post. see image

Easy as.


Thursday, 9 March 2017

Why do I still Blog? Is it worth it?

Does Blogging take up most of my spare time? Not anymore.

Does Blogging still make my skin tingle? Not anymore.

Do I still have the blogging friends, now, that I had 2 years ago? No, for one reason, or another. I stopped for over a year, so people stopped Following my blogs, I suppose.

Why do I bother blogging when many people just use Facebook? I don't use Facebook - EVER !

Is Blogging still worth the effort? Click here to see what Antonio Cangiano, the Software Developer, and Blogger, says. Is he correct?

You can ask a hundred questions related to this topic and get a hundred, or more, different, subjective, objective, emotional answers. You have to remember WHY you started blogging in the first place. I started blogging to save some recipes, that I'd collected - on scraps of paper, not for anything else. I believe that only a few ever make the big $$$ from blogging. I know a few people with blogs worth many thousands of $$$, because they put their souls into it and have worked hard at it for a long time. Good on 'em.

I started blogging, a dozen years ago, in 2005. Things were very different then, compared to the streamlined product GUI that we enjoy today. I was lucky to make contact with a bald-headed bloke in America, who sort of guided me through the rough, uncharted waters, of my blogging apprenticeship. To him, I will always be grateful. You know, it's funny, bewildering, staggeringly frustrating, and amazing, to see the same questions in Blogger Help Forum, as have been asked for 12 years, or more. I was a Helper/Top Contributor in the Help forum, and I always wondered why. How could other TCs stand the nonsense some bloggers write in about? I threatened to give it up at least a dozen times - per month! I wonder if the average Joe Blogger even has a working knowledge of Blogger Help, or where to find it?

The answer, as far as I am concerned, comes after a year's rest and recuperation - having not even opened a blog, nor for that matter, a Reading List of blogs, and that answer is a resounding YES. While I agree, in part, with Mr. Cangiano, when he states: -
"Blogging remains a valuable and viable approach to making extra income online or advancing your career, projects, ideas, goals, dreams. It’s still one of the most accessible ways to continually publish new content online at little to no (financial) cost to yourself",
I don't do it for the money, honey. Never have. I do it for the sheer pleasure, and interest, I get from it, and I may be reading the stats incorrectly, after so long away, but I've still got over 2000 people accessing this blog, per month. So there are still people out the who like the stuff I write about.

Long live Blogger, and the blogger.


Changing the Font, and Pitch, on your Blog.

Changing the print Font, Pitch, and Appearance on your blog could not be easier. All it takes is 1 minute, or less. Blogger Help will assist you, too.

It's not much different to when I first wrote about it. Just some name changes.

Firstly, you navigate to the 'Theme' screen, from your 'Dashboard'. Click on the option button which says 'Customise', and you are then taken to the 'Blogger Theme Designer'. Click on 'Advanced'. Here, you can change the Font for the whole blog, or just a part of it. You can change to Print/Font Colours. You can also embolden the font, or italicise it. You can even change the Pitch size.

You can even see what it looks like on the bottom of the screen, before you decide!

Then, don't forget to click on the orange button - 'APPLY TO BLOG', in the top right-hand corner.

Easy as.


Wednesday, 8 March 2017

Backing-up your blog - in the current GUI.

Since I wrote about Backing-up your blog, in 2013, Blogger has changed the options via a newer GUI.

1) They have an option to 'Save Blog Content', via the 'Settings - Other' screen, which is a new feature - which used to be done with the saving of the template in the 'old' GUI, and...
2) They've done away with the Template access point on the Layout screen, and replaced it with the 'Theme' screen (which used to be the 'Design' screen).

Now, the two different Back-ups are different in this way - one backs-up your 'CONTENT' - ie: Posts, Pages and Comments, while the other simply backs-up your blog 'THEME'. Why they are different is probably to make it easier to 'Import' content, and not interfere with the template, sorry, the Theme. Am I confused?

For both Back-ups, you'll need to have prepared a Folder, somewhere on your computer, to store the .xml files.

* Backing-up Content - 2 screens

* Backing-up Theme - 2 screens

I recommend doing this EVERY TIME you make ANY CHANGE to your blog.


Reading List - How easy is it now ?

How easy is the management of the Blogs, on your Reading List, now? Wow! Blogger Help is now as streamlined as you'd want, and it looks like some ways to do things, have been streamlined, too. I like it.

I wrote about the 'older' way, in 'Manage Blogs I'm Following', back in 2015, and because of the many changes, and revamps to Blogger, I thought, as there are many bloggers who don't know about Blogger Help, or how to use it, and might see this blog.

Found at the bottom left side of your Dashboard, under 'Settings', is your 'Reading List' of blogs you Follow. Click it. You are then transported to this following screen, where you see the 'Edit' pen. Click it.

The next image is the Management screen. There are many options for you here. You can check the blogs you are Following, you can choose/change your Following exposure (Public/Anonymous), you can 'Add' another blog, or you can 'Delete' a blog.

I have chosen, for the sake of this post, to delete one of the blogs I am Following. I just clicked on the Garbage (Trash) Bin on the right, and - blog-gone. I don't particularly like this feature not having an 'Are you sure you want to do this?' feature.

However, as Hilary's blog is such a relief to read, I chose to Follow it, again. Easy as. Just click the 'Add' option, input the URL, then click 'Next'...

When the choice is made, click 'Follow' and your task is complete.


Tuesday, 7 March 2017

Navigating through the Google Admin Console

One of the things that really bugs me is that when you don't blog for quite a while (12 mths+), then return to it, things have changed, eg: Blogger itself, Blogger Help was changed a few years ago. There's no such thing as Google Apps now, I believe. It's confusing and annoying for an oldie, like me. I just wanted to redirect a Blogger blog, to my custom Domain. To do that, I had to add two sub-domain aliases (eg: testing, and the www. prefix) to the records of my Domain.

Mostly, everything is still there, but it looks different, and some titles appear to be different, too. I achieved what I wanted to do, but I was worried for a while. Here's what it looks like now, compared to when I wrote about it before.

Step 1 -

Step 2 -

Step 3 -

Step 4 -

Step 5 -

Step 6 -

Step 7 -

Step 8 -

I don't suppose it takes much longer, but why fix it if it ain't broken?